Sunday, January 03, 2016

Exodus Part 1

We had a great week together. It's odd being the parent of adult children. Our times together are over-shadowed by the knowledge that the time together will  come to an end. LOL

Today, it was time for Josiah and Jamin to head home to their "real lives."

Josiah got up early to drive back to Seattle.  It snowed during the night. He bought chains and slid to I 5.  The traffic was slow. The roads and bridges were icy. The five hour trip took him eight hours. He made it home safe and sound and "ready" to pick up his hectic life.

The roads were still iffy this afternoon and Arielle hasn't driven on snow and ice.....she was working until 9:30 p.m. and we didn't want her to drive home on it.  It was easy to drop her off at work as we headed to the airport to drop Jamin off. It's important to remember that we dropped her off at work before taking Jamin to the airport.

We all said our goodbyes and Jamin started through security.

 We left the airport and within an hour began receiving texts. The flight was delayed 15 min. Jared helpfully commented this is "how it all begins," as he remembered spending the night in the Dallas airport last week.  It only seemed fair, as Jamin had a care-free trip out, he should have the adventure going home.  Then we got another text an hour later...still delayed. Then we heard they were delayed ANOTHER  1.5 hours and that they were on the plane, waiting to be de-iced. Something was wrong with the deicing truck. They finally let them get off the plane. We were happy to be here and able to bring Jamin home.

While Jamin wrestled with ticket agents we played Snow Board Kids and had a tea party.

He's baaaaaack! 
Michael needed to pick up Arielle from work, she was unaware of all the plane drama and thought Jamin was back in Dallas.  He stood behind a pillar as she left work. She sensed someone was there. As he stepped forward she swung around with her pepper spray. Michael said he saw what was going to happen and decided to watch it play out. He forgot she had the pepper spray. She recognized him before she sprayed him and Jamin took this photo in the minute she realized her assailant was her big brother. We were happy to see her training kicked in as she closes many night as isn't getting out until after 11 p.m.

 It is fun to have Jamin home for another night.  It's been a full day. 

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