Monday, January 04, 2016

Exodus Part 2 or Happy Birthday Jared!

.Jared ALWAYS seems to drive off on his birthday - or school begins on his birthday. One of the joys of an early January birthday is that signifies the end of "the holidays." Jared is 22 today and we are proud of the strides he is  making in his life. He will graduate with his Bachelors in Political Science in May 2016.  His senior year looks a bit different than expected. He spent the first semester as an intern in Congressman Conaway's office in Washington D.C.  While there he also took a class or two online - German for sure. The "official plan" was for him to come back to ASU in January and finish his final semester. Before he left, however, his professors had told him he could finish his last semester online and with independent studies if he found a job.  He's found a job. 

Jared is moving to Indiana where he will be one of the field directors for Republican Gov. Mike Pence's re-election campaign. He will oversee the effort in 12 counties. He'll also finish his last semester of his bachelors degree and be back at ASU for graduation mid-May. He will be employed by the campaign through November 2016.

Jared sold his car when he went to D.C. He arrived in Oregon looking for a car. He scoured the papers. He, Josiah, Jamin and Michael went to several dealers. He needed a car that would be dependable enough to drive from OR to IN. It needed to have enough cargo space for his storage items in TX....and to move from IN to wherever he ends up next. He wanted the car to be able to carry campaign volunteers, yard signs and such.  They looked and looked. He kept coming back to one specific vehicle. As I heard the story,  he kept walking in where Michael was and then back out. Finally, he said, "The only thing keeping  me from the Honda Odyssey is my ego," and walked back out. Another time through and he wanted to pursue the Odyssey. It's in really good shape. The owner came down 1/3 of the asking price.  It was within the price range Jared wanted. They took it to a mechanic Izaak recommended and he said it was in awesome shape.  Jared bought the mini-van....and I am proud he has matured enough to put his needs and budget over image. Those traits will hold him well in the future.  It took a family and a full-court press to find a car which fit his needs and get the cash in hand on a holiday but - we did it! These are the big players.

Jared, Josiah, Krista, Michael, Jamin 

 Did I say image? Go big or go home! Jared's life motto. He is embracing the "soccer mom" image....looking for a few bumper stickers.... ::snort:::

Note the soccer ball

Lots of room to move belongings from state to state - and for yard signs
 As the snow storm hit we realized Jared had never driven so far alone (from OR - TX), he's not driven on ice a lot, or over steep mountain passes, and Michael and he had never had a road trip. They left this a.m.  Mike will drive with him through the passes and such and then fly back to us..  We are thrilled to be retired and have lots of flexibility. 

Early this morning the kids gathered downstairs to pray and say goodbye and then watch Jared and Michael skate across to the van....and they're off.

Happy Birthday, Jared. Here in Oregon Krista had a "snow day."  The schools were closed. We stayed warm in the house, did some computer stuff, laundry and moved rooms now that the older boys and Michael are gone.

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