Saturday, March 26, 2016

Goodbye Swooshes!

Michael wanted us to spend the day on some maintenance issues around The Caboose. We planned to wash and wax the van and trailer, possibly replace a valve.....and begin storing some of the outside "stuff" in preparation for our Monday departure. 
The Caboose has legs!

Unfortunately, the BX did not carry buckets OR a long-handled brush. Plan B....the van is done. I went to the commissary and filled the freezer and cupboards.  Our laundry is done - 0530 is a nice time to do laundry at an RV park. We began work to remove old, sun-faded, peeling decals from The Caboose.  The directions we found online were pretty straight-forward....heat with a blow dryer, peel with your fingernail, clean with goo gone and wash right away.  I have no fingernails left - the kids discovered old motel room keys work great.

In reality, it was harder than we expected. The swooshes on the front are gone. We'll borrow a ladder and work on the Outback in OR.  If we ever buy one of these from the factory, we are going to get a "snowball" - keep the swooshes! They don't hold up well in the sun.
Why yes - it is delaminating - AFTER we fixed it - and this is nothing!
 The back is worse. #NeverKeystoneAgain

I first envisioned a pithy retiree saying, "Not all who wander are lost," "This is what retirement looks like,"  or some such thing. Next, I envisioned a full-color landscape photo (but seriously we are saving for a new rig - why pay THAT much?). Now, I'm envisioning a simple black logo - Courageous Joy - not sure at all what that looks like in a logo. ::snort:: BUT we have some pretty white spots becoming available.  Hmmmm....maybe "How's my driving?" 

 It was a great day.....I'm happy our lifestyle which allows for this....whether it's chronic fatigue  or sudden sleep attack as a result of the meds - Parkinson's makes a guy tired.  I'm  thankful he has the luxury of resting when needed -  playing, exploring  and working when he's feeling energized.  It's been a tiring week for all. {Editor's note: Seems I caught our first sleep attack on film- now he knows what it feels like.}
Nolan is desperately trying to finish this library book
before we leave on Monday.

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