Thursday, March 31, 2016

Pacific Ocean, Crescent City, CA

It is so GOOD to be traveling again!  This is our fourth day back on the road. We've had the blow out, visited the Rogue River and the Smith River and today we romped up and down the beaches of the Pacific Ocean in Crescent City, CA.  We also managed to get two more estimates for van repair. We're a bit shocked at the wide range of estimates - a spread of $2300 - we think we'll try to get at least one  more (we have one from Grants Pass and two from Crescent City) before we turn in the paperwork to be sent to the tire manufacturer. We need to do that tomorrow on our way through Grants Pass.

Our first stop was an auto repair shop. We tried to find another shop - in vain.

We opted for a play break. Stacia is studying "Swimming Animals" this year. We were excited to get out and see what we've been talking about in our books...oceans, tides, tidal pools, critters.  We  started at Castle Rock Beach (as the NEW GENERATION CALLS IT - known as Goat's Head by old timers).

Castle Rock

Kids at Castle Rock 

I love this man!

Stacia's first visit to a tidal pool - sea anemone 

Which I tried to shoot - like the reflection of the lens and my hand? 
 The waves and fossils have made some really interesting rock formations here. 

We moved on to Pebble Beach. 

We picnicked in a spot where Michael used to spend his lunch hours during high school.  It is near Brother Jonathon Point. It was a bit of climb over rocks, and on the way we saw a baby octopus, more sea anemones, crabs and various birds.  It was fun to imagine Michael perched on these very rocks, having lunch 39 years ago. Michael is an introvert - he loved escaping the drama of high school and life at the ocean. We laughed about how I brought a touch chaos and people to his life....and here he was enjoying his space with "some of his favorite people."
Stacia - 10 1/2

Alex - 14

Michael, Nolan (17) and Battery Point Lighthouse in the distance
 Michael got a better photo of another pool 

Yuuki kept running off and sticking her nose in holes - we could see crab legs waving at her - so she had to go back on the chain. 

Location beats the Les Schwab Picnic

Our next stop was another auto body shop.

Walking the jetty at Battery Point Lighthouse was SCREAMING to be done - it was a gorgeous day to be on the ocean.

No! Not food poisoning - Siesta

Sea Salt Crystals

One reason we went into town was to get cell connection so our hot spot would allow Nolan to have his Japanese lesson. We pulled up to a beach and nothing would work! What in the world? We enjoyed the sea lions anyway.

We stopped to buy groceries for Mom G on our way out of town. We'd planned to have her over for dinner, a campfire and chatting.....The kids and I stayed at the campground to cook and Michael went to pick up Mom G.


Unknown said...

Sounds like a beautiful day.

Unknown said...

Sounds like a beautiful day.

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of dad and Nolan. ..especially since Nolan looks and acts so much like Dad: )
Bre D

Anonymous said...

HI you-all:

BEAUTIFUL! We always enjoy seeing pictures of you loved ones. Handsome and beautiful spells it out very well. Looking forward to Bella's baby shower tonight. Gonna be something else again. See you all soon.

love/prayers -- Dad/Mom t.