Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Smith River

We spent the day at Mom G's. Michael and I did a bunch of "odd jobs" for her. The kids enjoyed the run of the river.....since they did 3 weeks of school last week, this seems only fair! ::wink::  OK - school for the day - P.E.; Science (buoyancy test, hydrodynamics, zoology, studied bark from Redwoods and Douglas fir, identified and avoided Poison Oak), genealogy, local history, ecology & civics (neighborhood water rights)...yep - it will count as a roadschool day!  

Lots of driftwood brought in by high waters

No matter the age - my boys like to play with light sabers, swords and sticks

Arrow continues to be our river buddy

Even Yuuki likes the Smith River

Smith River

Seven months ago, Alex lost an arrow while at the Smith River.....Look what he found today in the driftwood at the high water mark! 

 Spring Colors

The 411 on our current connectivity for those who want to know:

  • Michael and Nolan can receive texts and calls
  • De'Etta received one text today and no replies went out
  • This valley seems to be a Verizon cell/data plan dead spot
  • Our range extender is making the park's wifi work for us when we're at the trailer
  • We will be going into town tomorrow - I hope to be able to get out some texts and Nolan hopes to use the Verizon mifi for Japanese.....
  • BreZaak has the land line numbers for our RV Park and Mom G if any of you need to reach us and can't use Michael's phone or email. 

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