Monday, March 28, 2016

We're Mobile!

God has been so very gracious to us. We thought we'd have to give up our dream of traveling the U.S.  - but here we are - ON THE ROAD AGAIN! There is no doubt we had to make some accommodations - and we probably need to find a rig I can drive more easily as the doctors suggest - but we're on the road! We did not make it all the way to Eugene.  Michael seems to have "sleep attacks" sometime in the afternoon; so we'll drive in the a.m. and stop as needed. I suggested stopping 1/2 way in Yreka, CA - but he's stubborn. He wanted to be over the Siskiyou Pass before we stopped.  He was doing fine - so we did it. We're within a couple of hours of Eugene....I think.

Any travel day that ends with a campsite by the river is a good travel day! 
We ran off to visit the river while the guys set up the hoses, jacks etc
I knew I'd be making dinner shortly

I prayed we'd have the "wind at our back" when we took off - would you believe we were on the road about 15 min when a wind advisory was put into effect for our area? 25 - 45 mph coming W/NW - we fought a head wind the whole way.  Stacia LOVED it when a gust would hit us and Michael had to fight to keep it in the lines. I wasn't so excited about this and fought motion sickness all day. I didn't want to take pills as I wanted to chat with Michael. There was even a touch of snow blowing in the wind coming over the pass which totally made Stacia's travel day.

The kids rock! Even after five months of being parked, the skills came back quickly and we were all ready to hit the road an hour after we started the routine.

We stopped, set up camp, got  Country Veggie Pot Pies in the oven, the boys and Michael took a walk (Stacia opted to read)  and then Michael and I walked along the Rogue River.

 My man"If you have Parkinson's WHY am *I* always on the ground????"  Yep - the state park jinx...another twisted ankle - but it's the other one and it's barely swollen as opposed to the size of a grapefruit. 

Perfect Travel Dinner
We've stayed here in the summer, the fall and now the spring - any time of the year, Valley of the Rogue State Park , is a nice spot to overnight. We'll meander the rest of the way to Eugene tomorrow.


Renee said...

Michael is probably wearing 'sensible' shoes for hiking; crocs don't fit that bill :)

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

I'm sure they DID contribute to this fall - BUT the worst sprain happened when I had TENNIS SHOES on - laced tightly. LOL I do usually put on better shoes but this was to be a walk and not a hike. LOL