Friday, September 04, 2015

The Rest of the Day

It's always a blessing to sit and visit with my sister-in-law.  There wasn't any time this trip to connect, so we met at 0700 for tea/coffee and a visit.
Not a picture of our actual breakfast - a no make up day the day before
 I hit Target at 0800 - who knew it was STAR WARS DAY! ::snort:: I picked up some food items , more  Command Velcro and a roll of quarters.

Here are a few photos from our ill-fated walk...Before the fall...

And After the fall Nolan took the younger two and took photos while Michael tended to me at the trailer.
You are not looking at trees. This is the reflection in the McKenzie river.

Mom and Dad stopped by The Caboose. They were our first visitors since moving into The Caboose. (Well, our first visitors which we didn't put to work).
We checked out of Armitage right at noon and headed down the road to Valley of the Rogue Sate Park (review to follow).   We finished setting up right before a thunder storm - it blew through too quickly for my liking.

I sat on the couch, elevating and icing my ankle, and supervised the kids as made dinner.
My view from Armitage to Valley of the Rogue
Nolan and Michael got the new grill set up. They did great.

I cleaned up - you can almost reach everything by standing in the middle of the trailer - and Michael and the kids went out and explored the campground/river.
Rogue River
Rogue River behind the camp site
We topped the night off a round of Dixit and a Tim Hawkins comedy show.


Linda said...

Oh my word, that ankle looks terrible!

Anonymous said...

SIS: wow! sure looks like a BAD sprain to me after seeing that swelling. PLEASE see the doctor because a bad sprain has to be taken care of real good in order to heal on time. willlk; bew praying for your sprain.... and etc. for you all.