Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Day at the Beach

Caution  - caution! Lots of photos to follow! ::snort::

We took advantage of the unseasonably warm OR weather to head to the coast today!  The girls were working and BreZaak are otherwise occupied this week ::wink::.....but we still managed a crowd. We headed off with Mom, Dad, us and Lorri (my cousin) and YUUKI! We drove through Florence and stopped when Yuuki needed the parking lot of Heceta Head Lighthouse.
deleted 3 other photos - trying to keep this manageable
 This seemed like a good place to stop. We knew the hike was an easy 1/2 mile to the lighthouse - comfortable for all. We had thought we'd drive on up to Newport and Depoe Bay but in the end decided this would work just as well. The aquarium would cost us over $100 to tour and this was $5.  It's an outdoor aquarium and rain was predicted. We'll do it when we are SURE we won't have to slog through the rain.

Lorri (cousin) and me


Traveling Trio - Stacia, Alex and Nolan

Loved the view from the top 

Michael and me (De'Etta)

We enjoyed the tour. It turns out our tour guide is retired Air Force. Long after the tour was over, Michael and he continued to reminisce....he shared his thoughts about where we should eventually retire.  The kids spotted this creature in the water - we assume a sea lion as that is what the board suggested could be seen. I may have seen a whale blow - but I may have not. The views form the top are stunning.
Sea Lion 

After our tour and hike, lunch was next on our agenda. What better spot than HERE at the beach?
Evidently odd expressions while unloading picnics is genetic! 

Family picnic on the beach!
It didn't take Stacia long to begin constructing all manner of sand structures - lighthouses, oceans, volcanoes, butterflies etc.


Lighthouse, channel, ocean, volcano - schooling at it's best 

Lorri was fascinated with the caves. We were too. She headed to a cave and we all chased her down and beat her to the cave.

Lorri sees stars - right after she bonked her head

Playing on the beach is a natural

I say, "Jump." They say, "How high?" ::snort:: 

We really wanted to fly kites - but surprisingly there wasn't enough wind to really do this! 
"Run, De'Etta! There are pants following you!"  Things you don't expect to hear. 

Michael and the boys explored a second cave

Alex learned how slippery moss can be while exploring this cave! 

Dad/Grandpa napped

Lovely bridge

Hwy 101 is a gorgeous drive.

We drove back down Hwy 101 to Old Town Florence. We walked along the harbor and  visited a few shops.

Lorri and Stacia

Note the RV park in the back.....

 I love the sense of adventure our new lifestyle is birthing in our kids. Stacia was contemplative as we walked along the harbor. Finally, she said, "When we're done with the RV thing, we should move onto a boat and sail around for awhile...a new dream is born....EXCEPT I GET TERRIBLY MOTION SICK!
Is it possible? 

What a lovely day! No one got motion sick, we all had a great time. Sun-filled day - no rain at all! 

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Anonymous said...

We, I totally enjoyed every aspect of the day. I did find the crazy birds interesting. I loved seeing the kids play, explore and learn. I loved it totally., FUN. l/p ME t.