Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Science Comes to Life

We have been studying the ocean and animals of the ocean.  One thing we learned about was rivers, streams, creeks start on mountains as streams, growing and rushing downwards - always flowing towards the ocean. We discussed how all rivers flow into the ocean at some point....and that the water is a mix of salt and fresh at the estuary/mouth of the river.

This caught Stacia's imagination and she spent time during the rain at Beale Fam Camp looking at streams of water running from our site (on a rise), down the road and to a field that became a pond in heavy rain. She noted the same principle.

I was thrilled today when I noted we were at the mouth of Cape Creek.....This is when science comes to life.

Pointing out the tidal mouth - with Cape Creek behind us

The water clearly flowed towards the ocean, while the waves flowed into the river....

Stacia crossed the "river" so that she could taste undiluted salt water. LOL 

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