Saturday, May 28, 2016

Revolving Door at the Airport

Eventually, we will remember that flights into Eugene often land early! This was the case today.  We arrived just about right - but it was nip and tuck... Our grand pets - Bleeker the rag doll cat and Lassie the Shelty - were tuckered out from the journey. These two traveled all the way from TX - and brought JaRissa with them! ::wink:: 

JaRissa meet Bella

Mom (G'ma) loves having grandkids visit

Krista left soon after JaRissa arrived. She is going to Lynchburg for two weeks of intensive work on her MDiv program at Liberty University. 

All of us and Dakota met up again at BJ's for Izaak's birthday dinner. This is only part of the group. 

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Anonymous said...

Certainly was a busy day and special, exciting and challenging for prayer needed as so many are going here/there. EXCITING!