Sunday, May 15, 2016

Jared and Larissa's Wedding

Thanks, Deja, for taking these photos for us during the ceremony! 

I cannot wait to see the professional photos taken during the wedding and reception - they are going to be stunning.  I know, however, family and friends are waiting to see some glimpses of the lovely event, so I'll share the snaps Deja and we took. 

The signal came that the wedding party was in place down in the grove of palm trees. From the OTHER side of the waterlily display, the grandparents entered, then myself and Tiffany (Larissa's step-mom). 

Game time - Jared and Michael walk down the ramp and to the front of the pavilion. 

Some shots of the wedding party - Stacia was a Junior Bridesmaid
Alex (Zander) and Stacia (and the secret service guy)

Nolan and Arielle

Stephen (A.K.A. "Phen") and Krista 

Michel and Logan 

Jamin and Brittany 

Josiah and Johnna
 Taylor (Larissa's youngest sister) and Campbell 

Lucas stole the show - but wanted Mom to walk with him

Warren and Veronica usher Larissa into the Pavilion 

Jared's first glimpse of his bride 

The ceremony was beautiful - combining traditional with unique. They chose to recite Ruth's words to Naomi to each other - especially poignant as they are about to leave for Alaska, and we certainly have tribes of people for both of them to join. LOL  They chose to have a unity cross instead of a candle or sand or such....I'd never seen that before and really loved it. 

There's a new Mrs. G in the land.....

Michael made the announcement for family and wedding party to stay and all others to begin heading to the reception.  We took photos and then all rejoined at the Le Grand ASU Alumni center for the reception.

Here are a a couple of photos I snapped with my phone while Penny and Kelly took what promises to be some gorgeous wedding photos.

Wedding Party - minus 2 flower girls and ring bearer
F -Kirsten, Jerome, Grayson, Kassidy, Steven, Krista, Johnna, Michel, Logan, Stacia
R - Jodi, Sean, Arielle,Nolan, Brittany, Jamin, Josiah, Chris, Cassidy, Alex


Laura said...

Wonderful!!! Love the photos! Living the day out with you! Blessings!

Anonymous said...

love the write up and photo's. almost like being there. love it all. mom t.