Sunday, May 15, 2016

Wedding Day - Morning Prep

Wedding day - there was some question about afternoon storms due right when the wedding would begin....but the cooler temps were much nicer for being outdoors. Larissa had a Plan B, but we continued on with Plan A  and trusted the weather to cooperate. 

The girls and I were happy to start our day with a drive to Larissa's grandmother's to pick up decorations and the wedding cake.  We were told to avoid potholes - but that is HARD in San Angelo. I drove very carefully, and Stacia and Arielle both held and guarded cakes. 

We made it! 

Larrissa assembled a display table and we made the rest of the tables match. 

Bows for the seat covers

Larissa's sister Kassidy

Larissa's sister Kiersten

Tiffany - Larissa's step mom and mom of Kassidy & Kiersten

Veronica (Larissa's Mom) with the Groom's cake
 Annie the Wedding Planner

Love both cakes - laughed at the groom's cake

 We were thrilled to be able to help with the set up. I was happy Larissa included us. I left the building with a box for the groomsmen and headed to the cabin where they were getting ready. Krista and Arielle did the makeup and hair for the the Junior Bridesmaids - Kiersten, Kassidy and Stacia.
Stacia gets a touch of makeup 


Jerome is our nephew, Jared's cousin

Stephen and Jerome
Jared and Michael 

Michel helps Josiah with his boutonniere
Jamin helps Alex with his boutonniere

 Kelly came out and took a lot of photos of the groom and his men. I think they're going to turn out great! Here are some I snapped.

Michael snatched moments to reread the ceremony

 The girls were getting ready and taking photos at the Alumni center where the reception will take place. As the afternoon drew to a close we began to assemble at the Waterlily Garden. Deja took my camera and took some fun shots.

Michael and Jared check the site one last time. 

Larissa's Grandmothers, Tiffany and I stage here and wait....

Crazy.cute! Shannon corralled this adorable trio as we waited for our cues
Shannon is one of Larissa's Aunt and the mom of  Lucas (and possibly Campbell?)
I snatched this photo from Shannon's Facebook. 

Friends assemble

I was glad to have Mary and Earl to share my front row - everyone else was in the wedding. LOL 

Love these kids

 Praying with Jared

And then, we saw flashes of teal and white and sunflowers through the trees. Everything was in place for us to have a wedding!

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I love how you have captured so many special moments.