Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Having Fun

Our neighbor at the park last night was a fun conversationalist. He owns an industrial coating company which makes things for Boeing, Douglass and other such companies. He was traveling with his son's family (5 children).  He gave Michael and I a tour of his Monaco Class A... They talked again this morning. I was tickled when he gave Michael some colorful advice. He says we need to get out and have fun, and we need to do it NOW. He insisted we should consider taking out a loan for a Class A, go out and live it up for a few years and then sell it or let the bank have it back.  With the admonition to, "Go out and have fun - you won't get any younger," ringing in our ears, we headed off for a day of "fun work." 

It's hard to believe this is our 6th week here at Mom G's. In some ways it feels we've made no dent....and yet we're seeing progress....so we'll keep at it, a day at a time.  

About once a week we need a burn day. One of the neighbors is gracious enough to let us haul brush to his yard - and we burn whatever he has there along with  our stuff.....so today the guys worked on burning.  Yes, we have a permit.  I preformed as the mule to take a bit more brush down to the piles. 

Can you spot Alex in the brush - he's handy with the hose, while Michael and Nolan man the fire.

There were three piles like this to take care of today

Meanwhile, back in the house....Mom G was in the mood to help sort through this corner. I'm actually not sure why - but it was nice to see progress. This corner was full....couldn't see the floor. I didn't take a photo at the end of the day. The work bench on the right is cleared, all the tools and projects from Dad G have been moved out to his shed per Mom's request. Mom wanted to make this an art corner. I've got her paints and pencils in the drawer, canvas and models on top, one shelf filled with frames and such and under it are her sewing projects. I moved a rocking chair out,  moved the little ottoman in, made a little art and Bible research library on a small sideboard which you can barely see on the left, and bagged up many blankets and such which she was ready to take to ST. Vinnie's. I also hung a Chinese checker board she wanted hung. Our final project will be to empty one of the trunks and fill it with photos. We thought this would be easy - but when we opened the trunk instead of what she expected to find, we found Israel papers, books et al. It's going to take a bit of time.....but we've almost got this corner cleared. Our goal is to get the main living area organized ...the goal is NOT to get rid of her things, but to organize it so the space is safe and livable.

We had fun discussing the discoveries....here, Mom G tells Stacia about various doll clothes we found and she sent quite a few outfits home with Stacia.

We also got laundry done and  sheets changed....a productive day inside and out. All six of us felt good about the work at the end of the day. The very best type of day possible.  

The kids enjoyed an hour to swim in the river, Michael put away hoses and such and I came home to start dinner. I actually came home, took two Alieve, turned on a heating pad or two, and laid down for a bit before starting dinner.  I was simply too sore and tired to walk down to the river. LOL 

It was an upbeat evening as we all felt good about the day's accomplishments. 

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