Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Our Ever Changing View

The Hiouchi RV Resort is the closest campground to Mom G's. It's our current home.  We chose our space with care. We thought about the other side of the park - near the restrooms, duck pond, and open fields - but we were told the fields fill up with lots of tenters in the summer. We ended up behind a building - not real lovely -  BUT a great way to hide our bikes and such behind the caboose.  We're in the older section of the park. We have wider spaces, most stay on the other side, and no one seems to knows about the dumpster on this side of the park. In other words, it isn't overflowing!
This is twice as wide as many spots - see the building? Do the trees give
the effect of nature?  We've begun watering our site - hoping for green. 
Before summer truly began we were pretty isolated on this side of the park. We had a camp host, elderly couple and a couple of road construction workers. A fairly respectful and quiet group.  They told us they put traveling groups over here - and they come and go quickly.  Which held true until after the 4th of July.  Here are a few shots of "our site." 
What could Stacia be up to? 
Lamps at each site make for good reading lights

I've really come to love this view! The sun coming over the mountain in the morning is beautiful. This is the view from the table outside our door. It's a lovely view. It adds a relaxing touch to meals.
I'm very aware of dead trees these days and this view could be improved! 
Our view is, however, ever changing! 

We like it best without the fiberglass and wheels...on the other hand, we have enjoyed getting to know a variety of people as they come and go outside our window.  This week we've toured a Monaco Knight and a Forest River Charleston - both lovely Class A's. Last night, a gentleman preparing to leave this morning brought Michael shower tokens! The day before someone left a bike rack. We tracked them down online and they said they "may" stop by on their way south, but if not, it's ours. This morning I found SEVEN SHOWER TOKENS on our picnic table outside the caboose. I've decided, instead of bemoaning the robbery of our view....I will enjoy the adventure of the ever-changing view. I know it will stabilize in the fall and winter.  Instead of being disgruntled the rest of the world is traveling, I'll travel through their stories. 

I still don't love the sound of diesel engines warming up at 0530 - but I'm getting there. ::wink:: 

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