Sunday, July 10, 2016

Lazy Sunday

We visited our home church. We went to the "other service," so we knew no one and it was sort of fun to see what it would be like to be an unknown visitor.  Pastor was gone - he would know us. LOL I don't know that any church feels truly like home since leaving the chapel. I am looking for more diversity than I see outside military chapels.  I'm still thinking about this thing I've noticed.

We had planned this to be an overnight trip - the kids complained they didn't have "Sunday" clothes. The girls fixed Stacia up. It's always fun to have Arielle around to do Stacia's hair.

Bella had a good day at church (Mommy is children's pastor in two services) and so BreZaak and Bella, joined CoRielle, Krista and the rest of us for lunch at the food court in the local mall. It had to be quick - BreZaak have an intensive class for their Master's program starting today and had lots of work to finish yesterday.

Michael and the boys checked out a clearance sale at Sports Authority and then spent a gift card at Barnes and Noble.  Krista and I took Stacia to Ross. All enjoyed their outings.

Back at the house we took naps, delivered lemonade to neighbors,  watched Zootopia, visited, filled out a benefits application for Arielle.
It was a good day....

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