Sunday, July 10, 2016

Mission Critical - Colors and Dresses

I spent another day with our four daughters and one granddaughter, which makes it a practically perfect day regardless of what else happens.

On THIS day our mission was to narrow down the exact shade of elusive blue Arielle would like  her bridesmaids to wear and to see what styles may appeal to her.  

Our first stop was Joann's as we hoped to find "the color," get a sample, and then if she decides to have the girls pick their own dresses we could send each girl a color sample.  Arielle was caught by this fabric. I love Krista's expression, behind Stacia's bemused expression. We had some good laughs as we convinced Arielle dressing the wedding party in fish scales would contradict her determination NOT to have anyone in  mermaid style dresses to avoid any "Arielle/Mermaid" jokes on her big day. ::snort::

We were surprised at how hard it was to find anything in the color she loves. The one on the right is "it," but it's a textured, baby blanket material. Oh well, the color will work.

Our next stop were two  malls to hit all the stores....Bre and Bella met us. At one point we considered making sashes out of the bumpy material and draping the girls in it. LOL
There weren't many light blue options anywhere - Davids, Penneys, Kohls, Macy's, Sears, Marshalls, Ross, Maurice and numerous boutiques. There was this....but spangles on a missing midriff, one shoulder - not really Arielle's desired look.
  THIS was the only thing we found in stores that was the right color. Arielle would love yoga pants and exercise shirts....but we talked her back from that.

She was impressed with these hair style options....maybe the girls should all have the big "O" in honor of the DUCKS. LOL 

By this point in the day our worn out bride wasn't enjoying our humor. It did seem one big flower would save a lot of flower arranging time. LOL 

It was a fun day. We didn't find dresses - but Arielle found the color - we can all look online for options and she's about 70% to solution I think. LOL

Bella finished shopping about 30 minutes before the rest of us. I remember those days. We stopped off at Mom and Dad's and Arielle took a quick power nap.  Will, Sherri and Harmony stopped by. Arielle worked in the a.m., shopped all afternoon and worked from 6:45 - 11:00 p.m. that night. YIKES.  What a long day!

We are blessed to have this "unplanned" time with the girls.

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