Thursday, July 14, 2016

Swimming and Cookies

Surprise, surprise! The bridge over the river to Mom G's has been experiencing a "full closure" yesterday and today. We needed a down day and slept away most of yesterday.

Today, Michael wanted to swim down the river. The kids and he have new masks and fins - they needed to be broken in. Stacia opted to stay at the Caboose and I stayed with her. These three enjoyed a 3 hour swim from the middle fork of the Smith River to the Jed Smith State Park.  They swam down to Mom G's - stopped to visit and check in - and then continued on down to the state park. Stacia and I drove down to get them.

We have one neighbor who hasn't warmed up very nicely. They are elderly and come and go. Stacia determined we needed to bake them cookies today. I was skeptical. I've felt a bit intrusive as our overtures haven't seem to be very welcomed. But - we DID have a whole day free.....and she pointed out she hadn't baked COOKIES from "complete scratch" since we moved into the Caboose.

Stacia's instincts were right. She took them to the neighbors and they said, "Thank you!," over and over before she could leave. She had more cookies in the oven. They even waved at us as we left to pick up the guys from their river adventure.


Stampintotton said...

Lovely, How could they not be totally won over by such a lovely gesture. Well done Stacia

grandmaveggie said...

Love the way God uses children!

Anonymous said...

Way to go STACIA! Proud of your gesture and PTL for how the older folks responded. Awesome tw0 you two gals.

love/prayers ----- G'Ma T ,