Friday, September 09, 2016

#WYFF - Walker Road Adventure

It's Friday! We've finished our second full week of school.  Michael reminded me  we schedule Friday lighter so we can explore....and 84 degree weather was predicted.  I'm proud of us; in addition to school this week, I had two days to run into town (Mom G's labs and Mom G's pedi), we made it to church on Wed night, and we ate dinner every night. The boys worked like maniacs on Thursday to make sure they could finish school by lunch on Friday. Score! We're worn out! But we did it!!!

There is a little sign off Hwy 199, on the way in to Crescent City, that says, "Walker Road."  We decided it would be fun to explore. This could be hiked, we chose to drive. By the end of the day we'd explored both spurs. Both lead to the river. We'll be back. We discussed any tow behind vehicle we buy will need to be able to handle roads like this, as well as in town driving. Jeeps are looking like a favorite option. Do you have a toad? Do you tow a vehicle behind a Class A or C? If so, which do you have and what are the pros and cons you've discovered of your model?

This being Friday - we did take a couple of "Where's Your Feet" photos....

Feet on Walker Road

Feet in the Smith River
Michael continues to illustrate the finer points of skipping rocks across a river. The kids continue to find the biggest rocks they can handle to chuck. To see this in action, watch the video below.

I did not grow up in the woods - or hiking in the woods. I've noticed some lovely vines climbing over the trees....this week the leaves turned pretty. It turns out the vines are poison oak - this sort of ruins the beauty for me. ::snort::

I plan to get smaller glasses. Stacia responded this week, "Please, don't buy embarrassing Grannie glasses."

Fall can't be too far away.....stay away rain! 

Our own tower of stones

We drove the rest of the way into town to pick up a Papa Murphy's pizza.  The kids and I were amazed at the change in weather. It was 84* on Walker Road....7 -8 miles later in town it was foggy and 59*. That's some weather variation. I understand why Mom G says she loves living "out here," but doesn't want to live in Crescent City.

The video version of our Walker Road Adventure. The final view reminds me of Mirror Lake in AK.

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