Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Neurology Appointment

On the one hand, it feels like much has happened in six months.

On the other hand, it seems it can't possibly have been six months since Michael's last neurology appointment.

We decided, rather than spending a few days in Portland,  Michael and I would just drive up and back in one day. This allowed the kids to continue their new momentum in school.

It allowed us to have a whole day together.

 I downloaded an ap - Happy Cow - which tells what vegetarian, vegan and restaurants with vegan options are nearby. The "vegan options" are our best bet....and we found one with yummy options for both of us....Sharky's Woodfired Mexican Grill.  I have got to learn how to cook with tofu, that was some seriously good fajita burrito. 😊Yummy options is the key here. I can find something to eat ALMOST ANYWHERE but I get tired of eating iceberg salads when we eat out.

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Neurology appointments are not fun days for us.  Sitting in a clinic devoted to those with Parkinson's slaps us in the face with "facts" we prefer to "know, but ignore" at this point.  It's hard to see what's ahead (according to the medical statistics). Nothing TERRIBLE happened at the appointment - it's just not our best day of the month. 😏

We were happy, and sad, to hear Michael's doc is accepting a spot in a private practice in WA.  We won't see him again, but he assures us the next doc will be great.

The upshot of today's appointment is, as Dr. Clark says, "You have Parkinson's."  They feel a need to tell us this at each appointment - maybe they are used to patients choosing denial. 😁

We'll continue with therapy - which is our way of aggressively prolonging the good years.

Michael has been having some odd muscle cramps and movement/stiffness. Dr. Clark says it's dystonia, a symptom of Parkinson's. We had three treatment options: new drug, do nothing until it's more bothersome, increase one of the meds he currently takes. Michael  opted for door number 3. He's been throwing up and sleepy since doubling the med.....but it was a hard one to begin too, so we expect things will even out in a week or two.

 Increasing this drug may also give better relief from the internal tremors - which bother Michael more than anything else.

Dr. Clark said it seems Michael's PD is progressing, but STRESS can accelerate not only the disease but the manifestations of symptoms. Sometimes the symptoms disappear when the stress disappears. This would be both emotional and MEDICAL STRESS. He's had both in the past couple of months. Michael is dealing with an odd rash/joint pain/exhaustion and Dr. Clark hopes if they get that figured out, and treated, some of the PD symptoms will go away.

Finally, Dr. Clark said there is no reason we can't move to Alaska. The VA should have the support clinics Michael needs. If not, he can see a civilian doc. If there are no motion disorder clinics in Anchorage, he can be flown to Seattle or Portland every six months.

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