Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Bella @ 11 months

One of the best things - Ok  - The BEST thing about house-sitting is being a short 2 minute drive from the college campus where BreZaak, CoRielle, and BELLA live.  We have totally LOVED the impromptu visits from one and all....and getting Bella Time is PRICELESS.  Here are a "few" photos of  Bella in her tenth month.

Gemma may be a poor influence on the darling Bella....
Trying to pick her nose
Making faces at Gemma 
She loves Auntie and Uncle time 
Aunt Stacia and Bella
Uncle Nolan and Bella
Uncle Alex, Bella and Aunt Arielle
 My favorite of the month 
Such a wise little one
Two bottom teeth - top ones will be in any day

We usually wear her out! 

Bella is developing a fun personality.

She growls, she laughs, she giggles.

She puts her hand on her chest and says, "Huh?"

She is most often smiley and friendly.

She's a HUGE tease.

She's an OBVIOUS extrovert. At restaurants, she will turn completely around in the high chair to talk with the baby next to her. ::snort::

This little one is amazing to us. I was supposed to watch her on Tuesday for Bre to get a haircut. Um....about that....Bre and I talked so long she missed her haircut....but Bre agreed to let us watch Bella for a couple of hours anyway so she could work on her school work (Masters degree).
Oh - the joy! 

 In a remarkable show of good timing - she took her first steps when Daddy and Mommy were both there and Gemma was handy with the camera. She'll be walking soon. Yuuki is intrigued by Bella - from a distance. 

Love that little tongue

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