Sunday, June 11, 2017


I wake up early. This is a beautiful spot to wake up early in. I appreciated not having the temptation to jump on social media or send out a few tweets. I'm enjoying some aspects of being "disconnected." 

While Stacia and I checked the Alaska Graffiti, the guys completed their check lists. 
Unique technique, Alex

I can't get over the beauty of British Columbia. Lakes, ponds, mountains, forests, meadows.....

We stopped at Walmart in William's Lake to buy a Canadian pre-paid phone and to answer a couple of emails. Yes, it's nice to be disconnected - BUT - challenging in the middle of making an offer on a home. 😡
Note how Nimo insures none of "those" drivers park in front of Uchi
 Alex has my camera and my perch in Uchi. I found it fun to note he is drawn to barns, like his mom. Not bad through the windshield....I think we need to find an online photo class for he and I to take.

We stopped at Northland RV Park outside of Prince George. We were told we didn't have much bandwidth, but we're getting things done.  We went into town and found a drive in  - it IS Sunday night after all.

I am  about to call it a night. Consecutive driving days wear me out. The others are playing a round or two of Farkle.

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