Monday, June 12, 2017

On to Dawson Creek - Day 6 AlCan Road Trip

We continued winding our way through mountains, hills, meadows, farm land, wildflowers,'s spectacular.  The Canadian Rockies are amazing. 

The kids first moose - also saw deer and eagle

We stopped for lunch along the road.  Nolan and I feasted rice bowls. The rest had their standbys. 😊The lunchtime scenery couldn't be beat.

 The kids stayed inside Uchi. They were worried by mosquitoes. On second thought, they may have been wise. 😲 Someone really needs to make a mosquito emoji.

Must practice with the selfie stick from JaRissa. 
 Chetwynd seems to be the Chainsaw Art Capital of  North America. They had just finished their annual Chainsaw Art Competition. 

We arrived in Dawson Creek, set up Uchi at the Northern Lights RV park, drove into town for dinner, tried to find an auto part at Wal-Mart, came home to do more laundry and play Farkle. It's  not near as fun without Mom, Dad and Lorri. 🎲🎲🎲

We have internet for "basic" things - no streaming or they'll shut us off (Netflix, Face Time, Skype etc).  We are working to get house things done while here. We'll spend an extra night and play tourist tomorrow and we'll REST.

An oddity we're noting. RV parks are much cheaper per night than in the States - however - one has to pay a "loonie"  (dollar coin?) for 3 min shower! We're showering in Uchi as we aren't charged extra for electricity or water at our site.


berrypatch said...

Yes, the Canadian dollar coin has a loon on it thus it's called a loonie. Living in Maine we get a lot of Canadians and I used to work further north and had a lot come to stay at the resort I worked at. We just recently bought a travel trailer and did a road trip in May. Though of your adventure a lot. :-)

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Enjoy your trailer. We hope to get out often even though we are settling back into a home in Alaska. There will be much to explore.