Thursday, August 10, 2017

Just Another Day of Unpacking

Thursday.....It's time to re-establish old habits for health. I'm heavier than I've ever been - and I've carried nine babies to term. My doc was happy that my blood pressure was 122/70 in the midst of a move - I was shocked, to tell the truth!  I've set some health goals for the next six months before I see her again.

Yuuki and I enjoy morning walks. The days of our walks are numbered. Winter will arrive before we are ready for it. It was raining this morning - hard - but we laced up and went out anyway. I took special note of the fireweed. When it blooms to the top and begins to seed our countdown to winter begins.
Seem to be at the top 

I'm going with these plants....not starting the 6 week count yet
 We live near this trail and want to challenge didn't take long until I felt uneasy about hiking the trail in the rain, alone, without bear spray....we headed back to paved roads - thinking bears don't hike paved roads??? ::snort:: 

It's always easier going down than up! "That'll preach!" 

Back at home another day of unpacking loomed....we are losing steam....I keep hoping, as we  unpack one box after another, that suddenly we'll look up and realize we're done.

The majority of boxes are in the house. There were quite a few boxes which  the boys didn't know how to classify. Maria is sleeping in what will be our office/school room so those are all still in the garage with pro-gear, most of what came in the trailer and RV is still in the garage.....I've started a list of odd things that haven't shown up.....two bar stools, mixing bowls, baking pans....

Today, the kids, Maria and I focused on all the dish packs labeled "Kitchen" and "Dining Room Glassware." We moved the hutch and began filling it. I have lots of cupboards in the kitchen (many drawers and cupboards still empty) and so we have a plethora  of options for storage.

We discovered I did not THROW  OUT my wok! I promptly made stir fry. As you can see we also found the tupperware box today. LOL

While Maria and I kept working in the kitchen/dining room, Michael moved furniture, set up our bedroom and began unpacking boxes in there, and the kids turned Stacia's bed around so she can  utilize the space under the loft.

Maria made a salad and fruit salad for dinner. Cory showed up to work his magic on a variety of salmon - reds and pinks. We steamed some broccoli and had dinner with BreZaak and CoRielle.

Nolan got his permanent license in the mail. 

Michael, Nolan, Izaak, Arielle, Cory, Maria, Stacia, Bre and Gideon 

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