Friday, August 11, 2017

#WYFF - You Wouldn't Believe it

Michael has been scouring Craig's List for a wood stove and riding lawn mower. He has visited a few people and decided to pass. This morning he and I went to preview an estate auction happening tomorrow. We will pass. 

We decided to go to the local SEARS and just buy a riding lawn mower....but they were out of stock and not expecting more until the 20th. We called a salesman at the store in Anchorage. He assured us he had all we wanted in stock. Michael hooked up the trailer, the boys loaded it with boxes and paper and garbage, and off they went. They stopped at recycling, the landfill, and then headed to Anchorage to pick up a riding lawn mower, snow blade and grass catcher. 

Turns out they did NOT have it in stock and had to order it.  The only thing they did have was the snow blade. He went ahead and bought that and purchased the rest. We should have something soon. 

Back at home...things went horribly awry when I tried to unpack the mirror that goes behind the dresser in this photo. I couldn't lift it. I decide to get on the bed and pull it out of the box....but it landed on top of me...and it was HEAVY.  I decided I was in no danger and was comfortable, so I waited for someone to find me...calling wasn't generating assistance anyway. Michael found the situation merited a photo or two. 

Maria had gone in to the base earlier in the day. She remembered our talk about Krispy Kreme during dinner on Tuesday. She came home with two dozen. What a treat! And after the morning we'd had, we enjoyed a bit of a break in the  midst of the towers of paper.

Maria has been a God-send. I'm glad she came to visit while we were moving. We are making plans to get out and show her a few things too. 
#WYFF? Mine are trapped under a mirror, Maria's are sweeping up after two four-legged family members, Michael and the boys were at the landfill......

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