Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Jamin's Farewell Dinner

As much as we've tried to ignore it, Jamin will leave for Marine Officer Candidate School (OCS) at the end of this week. We set about to find a night when "everyone" could have dinner before he left.  We did pretty good, I think. Josiah had the night off. Jared had recovered enough from his heart adventure to join us. Unfortunately, Cory and Izaak both ended up missing. Cory is in WA. Izaak began his new job this evening. 

This picture of Michael holding Gideon Michael under a sign that says, "Cherish Life's Simple Pleasures," melts my heart in all kinds of ways. 

It's enough. If I allowed myself, I could pine away for Krista and my folks when we get together. But this is more than enough, more than we dreamed....eight Gherkins and their family's have lived here this summer. Seven out of  nine in the area as we move into fall/winter is amazingly enough. We know Jamin and Krista will visit us as often as they can. We are so blessed to have added Izaak, Larissa and Cory to our fold - as well as the next generation.  It's good, and right, to chase after God-given dreams - even if they lead you from family. 

Below Bre, Jamin, Jared, Alex and Josiah look over an "old" copy of Choosing Joy - the blog in print. I need to make it a winter project to get more years ready to print. 
Front right - Stacia, Yuuki, Bella, Allie, Archer, Cat, Anakin, Bre, Jamin, Jared,
Alex, Josiah - Larissa and Gideon behind Cat - and Arielle in the recliner - Nolan?
Arielle and Baby S - 76 days till due date
Aunt Larissa and Gideon 
Gemma needs to buy toys for her house - something besides phones
Gemma and Bella
 Izaak came home from work before everyone went home. He likes his job and looks forward to seeing how God is going to use his time at this job. Bella was happy to see Daddy, and promptly blew us all "love kisses." She was ready to go.  
Uncle Cy, Izaak, Bella
Cat took the kids to their RV to sleep. BreZaak left for their abode. The boys and Larissa headed back to Eagle River; Arielle had long gone to her comfy bed. The house quieted down and these four settled in for a game of Dominion.
Michael, Travis, Alex, Nolan
We didn't get to play near enough while Travis and Cat were here. I'm glad they were able to play a game. Travis and family will leave in the morning.

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