Monday, September 04, 2017

Labor Day 2017

We had a lazy day. Our labor day cookout was Saturday.  We've worked hard all week. Jamin wanted a last chance at silvers before he goes outside (leaves AK). Josiah had the day off.  Cory flew home to spend some time with family. His well-loved grandmother passed away this week.  Travis and Cat are preparing to roll on down the Alaska Highway.  The upshot? Michael, Nolan, Alex, Stacia and Izaak left early to join Josiah and Jamin for a full day of fishing.  They were skunked. No silvers - just old, dead pinks.  We hope to figure out the runs more accurately by next year.

What did Arielle, Bre and the kids and I do? Stuff. LOL  Monday is my laundry day  - we have to juggle the use of the washer/dryer to ensure all have clean clothes at some point in the week. 🐽 I did laundry, Arielle and I decided how to arrange the rest of the photos and artwork propped against the walls, we went for a walk, I blogged, Arielle did school. There is no question what Bre did - she cared for her two treasures.

We joined here for dinner and a bit of time for the kids to play with the H kids.....I found it humorous that it warmed up to 60* today and Arielle and I ran to put on shorts. It doesn't take long to acclimate.
Archer is a doll! He is going to be missed. 

Allie, Anakin, Bella and Arielle...

My Bella Boo
As I blog, I realize this blog began 12 years ago, Labor Day 2002.  That's a long time - 7, 130 posts published. Not2Many, became Choosing Joy, which morphed at retirement to Courageous Joy.  

My joke, as I began writing, is I was capturing our memories so I could enjoy them when I was too old and befuddled to remember living them. That joke is not so funny these days, but the motive has stayed true. Capturing family memories so we all remember...the good, the bad, the beautiful and least from Michael and I's perspective.

Capturing memories for generations to come - I so wish I had more of Gram's, Dad and Mom G's, Uncle Bill's stories saved.  It's become more a family story than it's original intent.....but it has been a good project. 

A fun by-product of the blog has been meeting some really great people after connecting first on the blog/online....of course the old Loopy gals, but Deja (who became a dear real life friend as we lived in the same town for 4 years), and most recently Cat is a friend met online......

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