Sunday, January 07, 2018

Sonora Hot Dogs

Sweet! Krista asked if she could fund and fix tonight's Sunday Family Dinner. I was game. She fixed Sonora (as in Sonora, Mexico) hot dogs for us. She shared her memories of the stand near the orphanage where she lived last spring.

See that dog in the foreground and the suspicious looking bacon wrapped around it? That's my vegan dog and bacon. I discovered that it tastes much better if it's grilled with the real thing - in the bacon grease. LOL Yes, I'm aware it's not vegan if it's covered in bacon grease.

Maybe you don't know what a Sonora Hog Dog is either?  Hot Dogs are wrapped in bacon and grilled with onions. A Hoagie bun gets a layer of may, then the bacon wrapped dog, grilled onions, jalepenos, cheese sauce from a jar, and chili beans.

We ended the night with games and conversation. 

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