Sunday, January 07, 2018

Sunday Afternoon Walk

Today, after church and lunch, we met the Eagle River Group at Reflections Lake.  We discovered while Krista was here that we don't all fit in the Jeep. Arielle came out with CoRielle and Bennett. BreZaak and kids stayed home.  This was Bennett's first family Alaskan hike!  It was a bit crisp - 20*, but beautiful and well worth a bit of cold.

It made me laugh to see the life jackets still hanging by the frozen lake with the warning that state law requires you wear one on the lake. I confess - we went out on the solidly frozen lake without a life vest.

We discovered that lakes seem to become dog parks in the winter around here. LOL

Michael & I
Krista, Alex, Nolan 

With two of gals - Krista and Larissa
Cory (Bennie in his coat), Arielle and Stacia


 The Gang - Cy was in Seattle
Michael, Bennie/Cory, Alex, Nolan, Jared,
Krista (batman pjs), Jamin, Arielle, Stacia, Rissa 

It was a gorgeous walk. On the way home, we stopped at the Matsu River  (or maybe it's the Knick) for a few more photos.

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