Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Oranges? I Thought You Said KALE!!!! 

Michael and Stacia were shopping. I asked them to bring home a bag of oranges. I got a BIG bag of chopped KALE! ::snort:: 

The problem is, NO ONE EATS KALE AROUND HERE....I am determined to cut our food budget and that means NO WASTE. I have used Kale minimally before....a few stalks in a salad....I don't like any of the kale chips I made - even when I massaged oil/ vinegar into them. 

I have been eating lots of kale - which I'm sure contributed to last week's 2 lbs of weight loss. First, I put a bunch of kale with our last bunch of green leaf lettuce. I added shredded carrots and broccoli. I made up 9 cups and used it as the foundation for salads all week. Simply pull out the drys one wants and add the wets (cucumber, tomatoes, mushrooms - anything that gets slimy in a salad).
I made a Raw Kale Quinoa Tangerine salad - and it was yummy. 

I love the dressing on this salad - a lot....but I'm trying to eliminate added sugar. I cut the Agave Nectar to 1 T and plan to go to 1/2 of that the next time. Maybe I'll try it with none in a week and see what I think. LOL  Stacia loved the dressing. Michael tried a bit of it. I ate the whole thing in the span of a couple of days. When one has a BIG BAG OF KALE to eat before it goes bad and they are the sole eater of said eats. 

I water-sauted the kale with onion, garlic, cashews and balsamic vinegar for breakfast. Neah...o.k. but not wonderful. I threw it in a whole wheat tortilla and tried to convince myself it was a breakfast burrito. Neah - only made me miss the little breakfast burrito stand on Knickerbocker in San Angelo, Texas. 

I brought back green smoothies...and the kids are happy to help me drink it - 2C of Kale a day. 

Sunday, I water sauted it with onion, garlic, ginger, cashews, a VEGAN sausage patty and added a 1/2 recipe of from the Kale/Quinoa/Tangerine salad above. It was good. Really good - with the sugar reduced even more.

It started as a shopping mistake, but by George, I only have about 1 C of Kale left a week later. I found myself thinking, "I need to pick up some more Kale when I'm in town." :snort::

I need new Kale recipes...and Quinoa too for that matter. Feel free to share links.


Hope Bency said...

San Angelo has the best breakfast burritos!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Yes!!!! If I could have the best of each place we have lived, I could create utopia.