Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Parkinson's Update or Parking Lot Deal

We drove to Anchorage today to participate in a parking lot swap of money and goods. Eggs for money,  that is. 11 dozen of them.  The Anchorage group replenished my carton stock.

While in the parking lot, we decided to go ahead and visit Michael's neurologist for a 3 month check.  😏 Pesky symptoms were noted - increasing "off"/Parkinsonism times and restless leg. These  could possibly be controlled better by upping medication. He was also offered some occupational therapy for a few areas where she thought it may improve "functionality."  At this point, we opted to skip the offers. Michael says the "off times" - tremors, rigidity, balance issues -  don't bother him overly much, and we don't get worked up over things such as flying peas and leaping lettuce. (Though I am going to look at some weighted or gyro silverware online.)  Michael is at the level if he ups doses we've been warned he  may begin to experience dyskinesia - think Michael J Fox. Here's a one minute clip if you want to see, or know, more about dyskinesia.   Michael chose to deal with what he is already dealing with rather than increasing drugs. He'd like to increase drugs as slowly as possible...he's young and has years on this journey.  They were fine with that choice.

This was our first appointment in a while where we didn't come out with another med, upped medications,  or another round of one kind of therapy or another. It was good. We will go back in in 4 - 6 months.

We ran other errands in town and got back in time for me to grab a salad before heading to the church for Bible study. Stacia has taken over Tuesday dinners and it is an incredible help. No photos but she made Chicken Parmesan, garlic lemon green beans, and rice.

It was a very long day.

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