Sunday, February 24, 2019

We Drove to Anchorage to find Misawa or 2019 Fur Rondy Snow Sculpture Competition

My friend, Nora, told me about the Fur Rondy Snow Sculpture contest. I remember seeing them when we lived here years ago.

Our sweet Spurgeon family has moved to our beloved Misawa for the next few years. They visited the Towada Winter Festival recently; I've been yearning for Japan. Yes, we are content, and we deliberately look for the joy of being in Alaska. There is much to celebrate.  Our hearts were broken for the nation of Japan...and from time to time the longing and urgency to be serving there is strong. I knew we would have fun and make new memories - connected to past memories - at this event.
@ Lake Towada Winter Story - photo from internet
After church today we drove to Eagle River, picked up Josiah, and went to see the snow sculptures. Here are some of our favorites.
Tug of Rawr

Stacia, Alex, Josiah 

 This was my favorite one. "Not all treasure is gold." It's a dragon protecting his treasure.....

Thanks, Alex! I wasn't tall enough to get a face. 
They had a big chunk of ice we could carve on....Alex began to carve #Gherkins....but the others were waiting for us. It was a beautiful day. It felt warm. It was in the mid 20's. We're transitioning...we'll know we're real Alaskans when we wear shorts in the 20's.....

Voting for the People's choice award

I thanked Michael for driving all the way to Anchorage to see a few snow sculptures.

He replied, "No, we drove all the way to Anchorage to find Misawa."

Is he a great husband or what?

He knew....he just knew.

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