Monday, February 25, 2019

Critters, Wayne and Grandkids

Our friends own Nuisance Wildlife Management. They provide help for "when the wilds of Alaska get to close to home." We knew they were in "pest removal,"  but we were thinking bugs and such; not animals killing our chickens.  They came out to help us with our chicken problem today. CoRielle met us when we got home last night with the sad news that they had found one of our hens bloodied. We have her isolated and are giving her tender loving care - but we fear we will lose her too.

We have a live trap and trail cam set up. No activity last night. Robert set out more traps. We are hoping to get in the next couple of days. The main suspect is a weasel.

The original owner of our home came by for a couple of hours today. It's always fun to visit with them. He likes to stop by. We discovered the history of the bb hole in our living room window.

Stacia and I went to BreZaak's to watch Gideon and Bella. Bella had a hard day. I suspect she isn't feeling well. She slept, then simply wanted me to hold her wrapped in a blanket.

Gideon was hilarious. As soon as BreZaak left, he ran to the chest where the blankets are stored and made his wishes apparent.

 I believe he has a favorite game to play with Auntie Stacia. LOL  

Who could say no to this little face? It's easy to clean up. 

Tomorrow will be a busy day in I need to get off here and finish Bible study prep....the kids and Michael are playing Risk Cataan....who knew?

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