Saturday, March 09, 2019

Colorful Footwear

Michael knows the way to my heart is through colorful footwear.  My shoes last decades....seriously. I had four children when I finally got rid of my high-school gym shoes.

 I love new shoes, but I always feel guilty buying them as I have plenty of shoes in my closet. Look what Michael purchased.

Bright, colorful, Slogger,  chicken boots!!!!!!

I AM hard on slippers and they tend to wear out yearly. Look at this wonderful pair he got for me. They are fuzzy on the inside and have lots of bright colors to cheer up the dark winter days....It was a great birthday.

This is the next must-have footwear I'm saving for....they would make fishing so much more enjoyable. I could purchase a utilitarian pair - but why not save up for a pretty pair?

Taking the XtraTuf obsession to new lengths. 
Alaska Meme via Facebook - Thanks, Larissa. 

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