Sunday, March 10, 2019

Salmon and More Salmon

We went dip-netting this summer and harvested 39 salmon. We qualified for 65, but 39 was wonderful. We didn't get a moose - not surprising as the guys haven't gone hunting. HOWEVER, even just having the salmon in the freezer has been a great supplement to our budget. 

The problem is - I knew one way to cook salmon. Grilled - with lemon and pepper.  Grilling isn't something we want to do weekly in this cold....

...though we have grilled and smoked meat in the winter. 

We have discovered Nolan does not like fish - any way, any time, any place. The others tell me each way is good and I can make it again. LOL  

Jennifer, a friend from church, brought a cheesy fish casserole to a potluck.  This was the first recipe we tried other than grilling. We ate it every week for a couple of months and then I realized I should try to find some more ways to use salmon. ::wink:: 

Cheesy Salmon - photo via google 
Stacia and I decided to try Salmon Divan 

I simply baked it with a garlic herb mixture a couple of weeks - and didn't take photos.  

Honey Mustard Baked Salmon was next. 

Jacque and Jennifer encouraged me to try Salmon Alfredo. 

This week Michael and I made Fish and Chips. 
This is the current favorite, but I'm not fixing it this way every week. Least healthy. 
We've also smoked reds and pinks.  And I've smoked/canned pinks and lake fish - great tuna substitute.

What is your favorite way to cook salmon? Do you have a recipe to share?  I have the recipes for all these and will get around to posting them.  You know, when I am all caught up from the summer of not blogging.  I can't eat salmon with cheese, and I have started eating fish as the doctor wanted me to do so for the cholesterol fighting omega 3's.  I hate to have to sit out the salmon because it's got cheese on it.

Most of the recipes are on my Salmon Recipe board at Pinterest. I'll get them blogged at some point.


Anonymous said...

Does the “no cheese” include Parmesan?

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Yes....but I make a sub with nutritional yeast. The tyramine in the cheese causes me agonizing headaches.