Monday, March 11, 2019

Happy Places - His and Hers

Yes....I'm at it again. It makes me smile to organize. I'm fully aware of what this likely says about my psychological state.  Yes, much of life does feel out of control, though, certainly it's never out of God's control. Organizing is a better option than many other coping techniques. Right? 

Ahem - of COURSE I know prayer, Bible reading, meditation, worship, exercise also make order of chaos. There is a cushion of calm at the center of my life - and I meet Jesus there many times a day...but today, after spending time with God and exercise - THIS did it for me.  Keeping life real. LOL 

Michael has a happy place too. He haunts the buy/sell free lists....and found dip nets for $40 each. The truck had an accident and Three Bears refused to accept anything in the shipment. They are brand new, not bent or twisted and WAY cheaper than new. We'll buy handles and we're one step closer to dip netting in July.  (BTW keep those salmon ideas and recipes coming). 

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