Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Terrific Tuesday

My day began by sharing a beautiful Alaskan sunrise with Arielle. We do not take this for granted. The sun is rising at a "normal" hour, an hour when we can enjoy its rising.....soon it will be rising at  0300.

Arielle was checking to be sure I was on tap to watch Benny today. He was sad to see his Mom and Dad leave for work, but bounced back quickly when I invited him to help me with laundry. 

We came upstairs for a bit and Benny was happy to play with Auntie. The keyboard is usually turned off. Stacia likes to practice with headphones and has only recently begun to practice without them. I really like HEARING the music. Benny was thrilled with the discovery that the big toy in the corner makes NOISE.

How quickly he can turn on the scowl! Shoot this new generation may take the Gherkin scowl to a whole new level. 
 He was not happy when I showed up as he was SURE I would make him stop playing. In truth, I didn't. I just wanted to photograph the moment.

Yuuki whines. Look closely and you'll see Benny sweetly "shushing" her. 

While Benny napped, I worked out and showered. He LOVED his hamburger at lunch. The phone camera couldn't catch it fast enough, but after each bite, he threw his hands in the air and celebrated.

I continued to wrestle some particular challenging passages in 1 John 5 and then left for Bible study. Stacia made dinner again - Apple meatballs and rice.

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