Monday, May 27, 2019

Memorial Day Family Celebration

Josiah called and asked if we were up to them coming out to grill.  He and Jamin went shopping, called BreZaak, Stacia made desserts, they picked up sides -  and a celebration materialized.

Benny watches Stacia and Arielle do yoga, planks and more....he's HILARIOUS. He began to entertain us all, and Jamin joined him.
Strengthen those cores! 

Ah, these belly laughs cheer our days! 
Benny - 18 months
 When BreZaak arrived with the kids, we took Bella and Gideon out to see "nature." We began with the "mean girls" aka our 12 hens. Bella said, "Ah, cute." I had to inform her they were mean cute.....but these chicks are nothing but cute.

 Our next stop was the bunnies. 

Such a handsome little dude in overalls. Is he not a darling? 
Gideon - 2 years old
Bella - 3, Benny 18 months, Gideon - 2

I want to find the directions or such for a wood play structure for the kids....big and little. I'd like swings - for big kids and littles - a slide, some climbing fort-like structure. I need to look and then schedule a work day and make it happen.  Papa and Gemma's  should be the best place in town to visit. πŸ˜‰

This was a fun day. I'm glad Josiah and Jamin made it happen. I hadn't made a plan as Michael has been in much pain. He was up a lot today. Hoping for answers tomorrow at the VA.  It was a tonic to have everyone together. Good things on the horizon for the Gherkins! I will admit I missed JaRissa and Krista...but they are doing just what they need to be doing in this season.

I can announce  there are plans in the works for dad to come up and spend the summer with us. We are all excited.

10:00 - 10:30 p.m. is my favorite time to be outside now - so pretty with the sun shinning through the trees.

Is this official Alaska Summer now?

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