Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Feels Like Monday

We were out of the house early for the hour drive to Anchorage and the VA clinic.

Michael's back has been bad for 11 days now. Time to figure out if there is anything extra that can be done.

CoRielle are out looking at houses this afternoon. I was happy to get home and play with Benny and Stacia.  We visited bunnies and chicks. We drew on our little bit of "sidewalk." Best of all, we went for a walk...

We also fixed up a little enclosure for the chicks. We are going to have to come up with transition housing for them. We've decided not to put them in with the mean girls, until Phoenix, is big enough to put them in their places.  That means they need something between brooder and chicken yard. 😏

It was a fun day. We made steps of progress on a few projects and had lots of fun with Benny.

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