Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Please Tell Me THIS is FRIDAY?

We heard from Michael's doctor today. He has a few compressed discs L's and S1....this is causing nerve pain as well as back pain. Dr. B  said it could be weeks before Michael feels better. In addition to the muscle relaxant he is taking (which does a number with balance and such), he is considering chiropractor or acupuncture. Stay tuned for further adventures.  Just knowing there is a reason for the pain seems to have helped Michael.

Alex has been our muscle around here for the past couple of weeks. Today he wrestled a trailer full of trash and recycling. He also helped me bottle up a new batch of kombucha. I have my doubts about this batch - it has very little fizz. I flavored only with lemonade and strawberries - maybe that is it. It's VERY sweet though.

Nolan came home from work and began tilling in the garden plot. It's become apparent we can't wait for Michael to feel better to get this done. We'll do it in chunks and if we don't get it all done - oh well. We'll have the size of garden the kids and I can prep. 😊

I made a new salmon recipe tonight. I think this is the new favorite. They seem to say that about each new recipe. I've yet to repeat a recipe.....other than the cheesy salmon. That is still everyone's first or second choice. I haven't made it since January. Trying for healthier prep.  Tonight - we had modified Salmon Wellington.

The kids are at youth, Michael is laying down, Nolan is in bed (0400 comes early), and I'm at the library to get a bit of "work," done.....and to pick up a John Grisham book I've not read.

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