Saturday, June 08, 2019

Colony Day Parade 2019

Bre invited us to meet them at the Colony Day Parade today. I couldn't sleep last night. I missed getting to sleep when the sun went down... and then the sun came up.....I thought I'd catch a bit of sleep and then clean the house well before Dad arrived. We decided not to go.  BUT....Arielle wanted us to go with her and Benny...and it's always hard to take a baby into a big crowd alone....I decided Dad wouldn't care if the house was family clean instead of company clean. We went to make memories. 

Annie's First Parade
Izaak, Bella, Arielle, Benny, Stacia
Back - Annie, Bre, Gideon 
Arielle staked out the perfect spot.  It was a great spot - at the start of the parade with "easy getaway" in mind. It was also rather away from the majority of the crowd as the parade got ready to begin. I commented, "Oh - this is the spot for the anti-social parade goer." We laughed. 
Note Benny's expression - he's impressed! 

We hadn't been on our corner long before I spotted Al, a friend from church. Elaine, his mom, is the friend I had tea with on Friday.  I rectified my deplorable failure to take photos this week with friends. I also called them to come watch the parade with us. Arielle joked that I'd build a crowd before too long....and as late comers joined us our corner did become quite full.
Al, Elaine, Me
 This was Benny's favorite

The family Arielle works for drove/rode on this float.

People kept putting candy in his stroller...Arielle kept snagging it....

The first Lynden Tractor Trailer to be driven to Alaska in 1954.  


::snort:: He managed to unwrap and insert lollipop without Mom catching him. 

The end of our parade. 

Is there anything more sweetly innocent than a founders parade in a small town on a sunny day? Three generations enjoying it together! Great memories!  I am glad Bre and Arielle instigated this break in the schedule. LOL

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