Saturday, June 08, 2019

G Dog's 2019 Summer Visit

After the parade, while the guys fished, Stacia, Nolan and I drove into Anchorage to pick up DAD!
Stacia and Dad 

Dad visited last summer for 2 weeks. There is something "right" about having him with us....and two weeks just wasn't long enough. Dad is the only grandparent our children have left and we love any time we can spend with him. He called recently and asked about coming up  this summer. Will (my brother) agreed a summer visit sounded great. The doctors were all on board for 3 months - and here he is!

We ran by Lowes on the way home. Dad experienced culture shock at the prices of hanging baskets. Stacia and I picked out some petunias and baskets to make our own. They won't be nearly as pretty - but the price fits our budget better than $40-50 a basket.

A stop for dinner ended our Anchorage adventures.  

We  wondered how Benny would react to Dad. He did great. He ran upstairs to visit. I told him this was "G G" (Great Grandpa).  He said GG...but within minutes had christened Dad with a Benny name...G Dog. ::snort:: Stacia is yay - a. Michael is Papa. I'm whatever he decides on any given day. LOL Arielle has moved from "My mama" to mama. 

After Benny was in bed and the fish were cleaned - we settled in for the first game of Farkle with G Dog.  G Dog handily beat us all. Sweet times. I always miss Mom and Lorri when we play - but this time I wasn't missing Dad! 
Dad, Nolan, Michael 

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