Sunday, June 09, 2019

Sunday Sweets

I found something sweeter than enjoying a parade with the grands....sitting in church with my grand kids and father there as well. We weren't all on the same pew - Dad wanted to sit behind Michael and I. He said he wanted to make sure we behaved. πŸ˜‰ That was a blast from the past. 

Today is BreAnne's birthday. She and Izaak brought Bella and Gideon over for us to watch so they could go on a date. They went to lunch and a movie. 

Josiah and Jamin were here when we got home. Arielle and I made Cory's famous Salmon recipe. It's yummy - but something we don't do often as it has brown sugar, butter and mayo in it. 

While we fixed salmon, Bella and Stacia made a yummy peanut butter bar for those who wanted dessert. 

Fun times around the table....
Gideon likes Uncle Jamin's hat  - Photo by Stacia

Jamin, Gideon, Josiah, Michael, Dad, Arielle - Photo by Stacia

When they won't pass the food - a guy does what he needs to do.
Photo by Stacia. 

SWEET.  Photo by Stacia.

 Benny opened the wood stove for the first time and was surprised....

He wasn't happy to have his exploration cut short. 

Play it! 
 The guys settled on a boccie game. Arielle and I tried to keep the kids safe on the trampoline. Stacia is the photographer today -thanks, Sweetie.
Photo by Stacia. 

Photo by Stacia. 

Picking flowers for Auntie yay - A. 

Photo by Stacia. 

Benny was SURE he should be with the guys. 

Bella was impressed with the greenhouse. 

The guys headed back to Eagle River. Cory and Arielle are studying. BreZaak went home. We finished the night with another game of Farkle. G Dog was trash talking - but Alex won both games!

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