Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Trouble.....Natural Aphid Spray

Yes, I discovered trouble in the happiest place on earth....
Facebook friends identified it as aphids on my pepper plants...and offered solutions. In keeping with our endeavor not to use chemical/pesticide on the garden or yard.....I selected a "safe" recipe and sprayed. I suspect I'll need to use this often so am putting the "recipe" below.....This site had many recipes.  I went ahead and sprayed anything in the greenhouse or garden that looked like it had bugs or holes....something has gotten left holes in ONE beet leaf and several radishes.

Recipe from the US Department of Agriculture (I figured they'd know a thing or two).

2 tsp dish soap
1 C oil
Fill 32 oz bottle with water (16 oz pictured above)

Shake and spray tops and bottoms of leaves every 9-10 days, ensuring aphids are completely covered.

I have one potted tomato plant with yellowed and leaves and found a couple of curled leaves on others. Google suggests they need more water.....or are too hot.....

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