Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Mr Gingerbread Goes Dip Netting - Fish Camp Day 4

This is our last day of dip netting for this trip. Most of us are nearing our limits.  THIS is the day Mr. Gingerbread man went dip netting with the guys. LOL

We skipped the morning tides.

We slept in. Which felt fantastic after our 15 1/2 hour fishing day yesterday. 

We had our big meal at lunch time.

We spent the afternoon napping, reading, playing games, fixing nets.... 

Papa and I (my name seems to have settled into Baba (for Baa-Chan) took Benny for a walk at the campground.

He was fascinated by this guy, but was sure turkeys "roaaarrr." 

We hit the beach at 5 p.m. hoping to come close to finishing out our limits. 

Many others had the same idea. This was the most crowded tide we fished. If you look closely you can see people waiting behind those fishing to get into place. When a fish is caught, the person must drag the fish to shore.....and others jump right in. The beach crew is essential to getting the fishing members back into line or place ASAP. 
Photo by Nate
 This is a short net...ours had another extension. 
Photo by Nate

I decided to leave the beach and try my hand at fishing. That current is STRONG. It was a challenge to remain on my feet and keep the net upright in the current.  I realized quickly I was shorter than those I was trying to stand by....I got swamped...cold wave down my waders..... I was worrying to much about those beside me and getting in their way... I decided to back out and tripped. I went under...wet from head to toe.... Michael showed up on the beach about then and suggested I try a shortened net (like the one above) rather than the longer nets. I'll try again next year. It was a cold evening on the beach.  Alack and alas - no photos. ::snort::

Photo by Nate
 Mother/Son bonding 
Photo by Nate
 Such a sweet photo
Krista, Benny, Stacia - Photo by Nate
Nate and I - Photo by Krista 
Having Krista, Dad and Nate on the beach made my job much easier and more enjoyable. We moved coolers and equipment down and up the beach. They were great new play mates for Benny, as well. 

Before we knew it it was time to get off the beach. These photos were taken at 10 p.m. and we still had an hour of cleaning in our future. 

Leaving the beach for the last time this year.  I'm so glad the kids were able to join us this year. It's a LOT of hard work, long days...but it's time to be working towards a goal together...and we all go home with a healthy protein source for the winter! 

Izaak decided to drive home tonight and surprise BreAnne. 

Day 4 Fish Counts 
Personal Day Count - 41 Total Fish 
Alex - 8
Arielle - 5
Cory - 7
Cy - 10
De'Etta -
Izaak - 4
Michael -5
Stacia - 2

Cumulative Counts *
Personal Count (176)
Alex - 35
Arielle - 13
Cory - 32
Cy - 41
De'Etta -0
Izaak - 21
Michael - 22
Stacia - 12

Group Total 164
Our Household Total 64

*I find it HILARIOUS that the personal counts are 12 fish higher than the Group Total. I asked and notated over and over and the numbers simply don't match. LOL This tells me several Gherkins are truly the master of the "fishing tale."  The Group total of 164 was taken from the final totals on each household's harvest card. It's the accurate number. 

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