Saturday, July 27, 2019

Odds & Ends Saturday

And now....a current post....because I'll never catch up if I don't post current as well as past. LOL

We took care of a lot of little odds and ends today....

Arielle cleaned rabbit hutches in preparation to sell or leave.

Krista, Nolan, Alex & Stacia did Panda Express yesterday
Stacia and I took Benny for a walk around the block.

Alex edited a video.

Michael prepped for a sermon.

I bottled kombucha...without getting ANY on the ceiling - thank you very much. 

Krista got a new phone working and moved back into the RV.

Michael and I went to look at a possible Craig's List purchase....and had a great visit with a fellow homeschooling family....and checked out her lasagna garden and his bee hives...and ZIP LINE.

Nolan worked a mid-shift....when they tried to take his Sunday off away; he told them he HAD OTHER PLANS FOR SUNDAY! We are excited to have him home on a Sunday.

Stacia made a slouch hat for Krista.

Krista, Dad, and I read.

Michael went to the church for a bit more quiet than we can provide around here....and so....the rest of us had breakfast for dinner....and played a few rounds of Farkle.
Well - this isn't from tonight as Michael and Nolan are in the photo
BUT you get the idea. ::snort:: 
We continue to be blessed by Dad's visit. He'll be heading back to Oregon after Labor Day. The house will seem emptier.

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