Monday, July 15, 2019

Funny Fish Story - Michael

I looked across the fishermen in the current and noticed Michael was struggling. As I watched, he continued to flounder, his net was wonky, has balance was off, and he didn't seem  able to "right" himself.

I thought he was having a Parkinson's attack or something.  He was in trouble.

None of the boys were near him. I was about to yell for them when I noted the men around him take note.

It turns out Michael had been saying, "I need some help," and they just kept talking.

He finally yelled, "I need help. I'm in trouble."

The man next to him asked what was going on as he watched Michael.

Michael wasn't sure.

It turns out the hook which attaches waders to boot laces had come undone. The hook at the bottom of his waders  was tangled in his net. He couldn't stand, or walk, or move the net, without repercussions.

They managed to get him untangled and we've had a good laugh about it throughout the day.

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