Sunday, July 14, 2019

Dip Netting 2019 - Fish Camp Day 1

SHEW - it was HARD to get out of town this year. We've had a lot of moving parts to this trip. We made reservations a year ago and the business sold. We moved to a new campground. Yes, many people really DO make reservations for campsites  a year in advance for dip netting.   Dad is here and was coming...then didn't want to come. CoRielle planned to come, then didn't think they could, and in the end COULD make it. Krista is picking Nate up at the airport and coming up at a later date. Dad will come with them. The adult Gherkin types will most likely leave after Kenai. Dad may go home with them, or he may not.

I finally made a 3 page spreadsheet to figure out HOW many PEOPLE and CARS would be with us on any particular differs day to day.  Then we had to decide how to to handle the food. I'm putting this here so we don't have to think it over again. Everyone brought their own breakfast, snacks and lunches. I shopped and will prepare dinners. Everyone will pitch in $5 per dinner. LOL

The RV was packed. Food was purchased, muffins were made.....and then we had to change the oil in the RV....and left town later than expected this a.m.

Benny is always happy to help Papa
Not to worry - we found the new campground. They threw in some free perks and discounts when they saw the spreadsheet and how I was NOT trying to sneak folks in....

We set up the RV and the tent - or Vacation Villa as we like to call it. 
Izaak and Cy put the tent up as we situated the RV

The Vacation Villa awaits

We were hearing mixed things about the chances of catching fish this evening. The guys decided to put the nets together and give it a shot.

Mr. Gingerbread man is happy to be on an adventure
with the guys

The run has been good, but the commercial fisherman will go out in the morning. This means we need to get as many as possible tonight and in the early morning tide. It may well be slow tomorrow afternoon and possibly Tuesday morning.....

The beach was pretty empty tonight - I SHOULD have tried to learn this night

We didn't expect a rush of fish, therefore a support crew wouldn't be needed.  Stacia and I opted to stay at the RV to wait for CoRielle to arrive. We watched a chick flick.

We have 5 households of varying sizes  represented fishing this year. We'd love to limit out.....we'll be fine if we don't.  Our family household's limit is 65 salmon. BreZaak's is the same. CoRielle are allowed 45. Josiah is allowed 25 , as is Jamin. A person can catch more salmon by sports fishing - just keep within the daily limits. This is subsistence - dip netting or set netting and there are limits based on family size.

The group caught 11 Reds the first night. A great start! We love the cleaning station at this new place.

26 years of fishing together - still fun! 

Day 1 Fish Count

Group Total - 11

Our Household Total - 9

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