Saturday, July 06, 2019

Hiking Gold Mint Trail

The only thing one would expect Gherkins to do in record breaking weather is to hike the Gold Mint Trail in Hatcher's Pass.  I've been wanting to walk this's CoRiell's happy place.  Jamin suggested a hike. Nolan had the day off. Krista wants to get out and enjoy Alaska. Arielle and Benny joined us. Alex, Stacia and I are always up for an adventure. Dad and Michael stayed home. It was wise. 

Benny, Alex, Arielle
Krista, Nolan, & Jamin 

 I'm conflicted about Fireweed! I LOVE them - I don't love the signal of summer progressing into winter (with a typical 2 week fall). It is reassuring to see these are not near blooming to the top yet. 

I may have to go back to check their progress in a couple of weeks. 

Benny rode most of the trail on Uncle Jamin's back 

 The BUGS were ferocious! I don't remember them being so aggressive before. I have begun to wonder if the All Natural bug spray I had was an attractant...or maybe the dandelion salve slathered on my arms and legs drew them....

Little Su - Glacial River

 Alex and I quit before the others. He'd had it with the bugs....and I wasn't going to let him go back on the trail alone - I AM bear aware after all. Even so my fit bit said I had over 70 minutes in the heart target zone and I'd walked 3 1/2 miles. 
Arielle, Benny, Jamin, Nolan, Stacia, Alex, Krista in front

This is moving naturally at it's well as spending time with family and strengthening the "tribe." All good stuff.  We're building a lifestyle...looking to create an environment which consistently nudges us to healthy choices.  As a side note, Dad remarked this week I was going to turn green if I didn't eat a bit less salad. ::snort:: In the meantime, he is eating at least one salad a day. It's all good.

We stopped on the way back to town for a photo or two at the Little Su...whew...I have no idea how hot it was - but it felt hot traipsing around the trails.
Krista and Stacia
Stacia, Me and Krista - photo by Krista 

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