Monday, July 29, 2019

Orchard Update

We are trying to grow a fruit buffet - a mini-orchard. We were told it would take 3 - 5 years before we would see fruit....our peach trees are sad. Our plum hasn't produced any blossoms...but check out the Meteor Cherries. We have two trees like this. 

They are TART - but I've been told we bought two of them to cross pollinate the two Rainier Cherry trees. We only had about four cherries on the Rainier trees....but they were THERE...and the one Michael and I have sampled is sweet. We are dreaming...of a few years down the road.
Too high for Lucille, the free range hen, to get it

We also have apples on the trees....Gala and Braeburn....

The moose have found the orchard; we've had to add electric tape to the fence. 

All in all - we are happy. We planted these in memory of Dad and Mom G. I'm looking forward to shade, fruit, and a picnic table in the orchard. 

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