Sunday, July 28, 2019

Our Craig's List Find

Josiah, Dad, Arielle, Benny, and I were sitting in the living room visiting when Benny alerted us to the fact Michael was home. 

He jumped up and yelled, "Papa!" and headed for the door. Josiah had seen Krista and Stacia riding their bikes in Butte when he came up the Old Glenn. They pulled into the driveway shortly after Michael, Alex and Nolan.  Benny welcomed them home...but he was chattering away about Papa. Papa had never brought anything home in the truck THIS exciting. 

Look what Papa had in the back of his truck! 
Compliments of the kids' rent monies. LOL 

We have been watching for sale and swap boards for at least six months. I wish it had been here earlier in the summer...but we'll love it now. It has a slide Benny will love. A climbing wall Gideon will enjoy and a picnic table I think Bella will like. It also has swings...which Stacia will enjoy. LOL

What a great idea for Papa's truck 
 It was so easy in THEIR yard...but we have discovered, once again, there is not one level spot in our yard. Michael and Alex will have to dig it in....we spent an hour or so hauling the parts to the back and moving it from spot to spot to find the perfect place to install it. In the end...we moved it about 3 feet to the right of the original spot. ::snort:: They are so patient with my need to visually see things before I can decide. 
Happy to have Nolan off work today - he and Cy were gracious to help

Michael, Alex, Nolan, Dad, Cy and Krista....

I think Benny would have been happy to play in this part for an hour or so....

In the midst of the discussing...Benny found the bubble container, filled it with water, and doused Papa. 

He went on to chase us all....his joy is contagious. 

Yes - he got G Dog. 
 Alex helped him get Mama.

When a location was firmly decided....Michael got busy putting in stakes and string to begin the leveling process. Benny was a big help. 

Michael has a project for Josiah's rental which will take priority over setting up the swing set...but we can dream of when it is in OUR yard and looks like it did in THEIR yard. 

BTW, we really enjoyed visiting with this young family we met through Craig's List. I'm excited to try my first lasagna garden. Michael is talking about a bee hive. I'm brainstorming how to install an honest to goodness zipline in our back yard. Doesn't that sound like fun????


berrypatch said...

We had one a similar play structure in our yard when we moved. My boys were still young enough to have a blast on it. It was a great fort to defend during nerf battles. LOL

Chris said...

We had a zipline before they were popular. Our grandkids (now big) loved it. You should really try to put one up. We used a baby seat for the Benny size kids. Had a old tire as a bumper stop in case an adult "missed" catching a child coming down the zip line from our rather tale tree (we had a tree house in that tree). Of course, we never missed a child. Much fun!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

NERF BATTLES - that will be great, Lisa. LOL

Chris, I'd really like to install a zipline. They had foam on a birch tree at the end of the run. LOL I think our big and our littles would enjoy it. I think I would enjoy it. LOL